Come Grow With Us

Company Growth

Since its inception, Healthcare Services Group has doubled in size nearly every 5 years. That growth has resulted in the doubling of our middle and upper management positions in that same time period. Taking into account the “graying of America,” we see that trend continuing, creating growth potential for our management personnel unlike any other industry.

Career Opportunities

The ability to attract and develop individuals with a strong entrepreneurial spirit has enabled us to dominate an industry traditionally not known for its professional management structure. A structured 90-day training program prepares our managers for an entry level role as an account manager. This position is the door that opens to all middle and upper management positions in operations, training and sales.

Opportunities For Growth

Healthcare Services Group believes in life-long learning and performance-based promotions. We also firmly believe in promoting from within our organization and that there is no substitute for learning the business “from the ground up”. We reward those individuals, who have dedicated the time to learn our culture and business practices, with truly unlimited career-growth opportunities.

Competitive Benefits

Competitive Salary
Professional Management Training
Comprehensive benefits package
including health, dental, life, disability, stock purchase plan and awarding of stock options
Performance-Based Promotion Opportunities
you have the flexibility and freedom to chart your own professional course

For more information on career opportunities available please call 1.800.363.4274 or visit our online job listings.

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Facility Level/Hourly Positions
Internal Employees
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