Purpose, Vision, Values

Our Purpose, Vision and Values represent the future of the Company – what our future looks like and how we deliver it. In the months and years ahead, we will fully realize these words in the most special type of way. In a way that touches each and every one of us, from our Associate level right on through our Senior Leadership Team – pride in every employee – and in a way that provides the Company’s pathway to delivering extraordinary outcomes.
Ted Wahl, CEO


Our Purpose is Fostering Fulfillment In Communities. It is our enduring statement on why HCSG exists. It connects everyone in the organization to something bigger than themselves and provides a lasting, binding force for unified action throughout the Company. Our Purpose engages and inspires us to make positive contributions to every community of which we are a part and to nurture happiness and satisfaction in people’s lives.


Our Vision is To Be The Choice For Our Customers. It represents the future we are committed to deliver and serves as a stake in the ground for establishing near-term priorities and long-term goals. We strive each and every day to fulfill our Vision and create the future in which HCSG is The Choice for clients, employees, vendors and shareholders alike.


Our Values are Integrity, Collaboration, Empowerment and Passion & Perseverance (aka Grit). The foundation of everything we do lies in our commitment to an absolute adoption of our Values. Not some, but all. Not some of the time, but all of the time. Our Values influence the decisions we make and the actions that follow.