Our Planet

Preserving Our Planet

Our impact on the environment matters to HCSG and our stakeholders. We are committed to supporting the shift to a low carbon economy and reducing the impact of climate change. We recognize the impact that our operational systems and the work we perform has within each of our communities and the broader environment. We rely upon our Corporate Infection Preventionist, subject matter experts, vendor partners and clients to select chemicals, supplies and foodstuffs which will benefit the residents and patients we serve, while minimizing the environmental impact.

We continue to seek ways to reduce our environmental footprint by:

  • Using concentrated chemicals, which reduce water use and transportation loads, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions, which are safer for the workers and those served
  • Leveraging chemicals and supplies with an array of environmental certifications, such as Green Seal, UL ECOLOGO, USDA Certified Biobased Products, and Green Guard Gold
  • Utilizing paper products that are 99% ECOLOGO certified, 50% compostable, 90% EPA compliant, and Green Seal Certified
  • Leveraging technology for improved outcomes, such as Electrostatic Sprayers that offer eco-friendly touchless application for sufficient and even coverage of chemical, while reducing cross-contamination
  • Minimizing drop shipments of food products to reduce fuel consumption and resulting emissions
  • Leveraging locally sourced produce, bakery, and dairy, as available
  • Utilizing proprietary food production software and menu design to minimize food waste
  • Fitting home office space with window tinting and motion-detection, energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures to reduce energy consumption
  • Instituting strict recycling program and installation of filtered water stations at the Bensalem office to reduce impact and usage of disposable products