Showcasing Exceptional EVS Professionals

Maintaining a home-like environment is of the utmost importance for residents in healthcare communities. For almost five decades, HCSG’s team in housekeeping and laundry programs has been dedicated to providing exceptional living experiences and environments. Housekeepers, Floor Techs, and Managers come together daily to ensure residents, staff, and guests in healthcare communities are experiencing safe and comfortable environments. 

Miguel Cosme

Training Center Account Manager
Joined HCSG in 2018

As an Account Manager, Miguel leads Managers-in-Training, where his knowledge and experience are a valuable resource in the development of candidates in the program. Miguel is the driving force behind ensuring healthcare communities’ overall appearance and functionality meet residents’ needs. He emphasizes the importance of meeting infection protocols and commitment to excellence. His ongoing dedication and impactful contributions as a Training Manager are instrumental in upholding the standards of care and optimal facility operations.

Sylvia Hubbert

Account Manager
Joined HCSG in 2018

Sylvia’s inspiring journey with HCSG began in a Housekeeping role, where her impeccable attention to detail and determination have taken her to new heights. Emerging as an influential leader, she continues to make significant strides in her career within HCSG. As a Manager-in-Training candidate, Sylvia is training to lead an entire department. Sylvia’s story proves that anything can be achieved with perseverance, dedication, and a positive outlook.

Lawrence Battle

Housekeeper & Floor Tech
Joined HCSG in 2022

Lawrence consistently exceeds expectations in his roles as a Housekeeper and Floor Tech. Residents and fellow team members rave about his unwavering dedication and ability to connect with others. His enthusiasm for his work, commitment to exceptional service, and gratitude for being a part of HCSG shines through in all he does and serves as a daily source of motivation for everyone around him.

Maria Orantes

Light Housekeeper
Joined HCSG in 2023

Maria exemplifies unwavering dedication and loyalty to both her team and the residents she serves. Her consistent reliability, never missing a day of work, showcases her commitment to her responsibilities. Always eager to assist however she can, Maria’s self-confidence and pride in her work make her a well-respected role model to her colleagues and are appreciated by residents.

Almost fifty years and 35,000 employees strong, at HCSG, our outstanding team is our product. Whether it’s dining, environmental, or nutrition services, our qualified and professional people are the difference. HCSG is your partner possessing proven systems, innovative resources, and dedicated team members who go beyond traditional expectations, delivering exceptional experiences and enhanced outcomes.

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