5 Advantages for Partnering with a Facility Service Provider

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Healthcare facilities have never been busier and potentially more stressed than in recent years. Administrators, Medical Directors, Directors of Nursing, and Department Managers are focused on providing the best care and resident experience and ensuring residents, staff, and guests are living and working in safe environments. The combination of it all can certainly be overwhelming. However, partnering with a facility service provider could ease some day-to-day burdens. A partner who can take over and manage all elements for departments like housekeeping and nutrition can provide peace of mind and improved operational and regulatory outcomes, allowing healthcare facility leaders to focus on what’s most important – delivering the best care to residents. 

Finding the right service partner is critical to allowing facility leaders to get back to their daily responsibilities. You want a partner that understands your goals, can collaborate with all departments, understands the regulatory complexities of providing essential services, and always keeps resident care top of mind. Keep these five elements top of mind as you search for a partner of choice.

Regulatory Understanding & Compliance

With regulations changing almost daily, finding a partner who understands how to interpret and implement new requirements is vital to running compliant housekeeping and dining departments. A supportive partner will be available to answer questions, communicate changes to department staff and leadership, and give you access to experienced and knowledgeable resources such as Corporate Infection Preventionist.

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Sourcing Power

Expenses and budgets are always top of mind for facility leaders. An experienced partner should be your financial steward, providing transparency in forecasting, purchasing, and labor management. Additionally, a reputable service partner will have established and trusted relationships with large manufacturers and suppliers, allowing you to benefit from accessing a variety of supplies and food while harnessing their overall purchasing power.

Focus on Quality

Quality is what will differentiate and make facilities stand out from the others. Experienced service partners will be able to implement proven processes and procedures for everything from cleaning and maintenance in housekeeping departments to menu planning, prepping, and cooking in dining departments. Facility leaders should also expect daily, weekly, or monthly reporting to confirm those departments deliver services that align with the overall facility goals.

Training for Success

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An inclusive, well-executed, and professional onboarding and training program is critical to effective, efficient, and quality services. Experienced service partners have the resources to employ specialized curriculum training programs to ensure appropriate skills and compliance reach onsite employees who must deliver quality services to residents. Training programs should be detailed with a hands-on approach to train employees to follow JCAHO, federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Staffing Support

Well-staffed (and trained) departments are one of the keys to delivering the best resident experience. Finding the right staff for the housekeeping and dining departments is necessary. The employees in these departments often have a personal calling to serve people, and it’s important to have a service partner who can identify and place the right people in your facility. A trusted service partner can provide multi-level resources that focus on continuous recruitment and onboarding, allowing facility leaders the time to focus on staffing needs in other critical departments.

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