5 Tips to Get Your Facility Holiday Ready

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This blog has been updated and republished from an original article posted on November 17, 2022.

As care facilities gear up for the approaching holiday season, leaders face the exciting challenge of creating a warm, festive environment while prioritizing the health and safety of residents, staff, and visitors. Use these five tips to get your community holiday-ready and gain peace of mind to enjoy this special season.

1. Thorough Deep Cleaning and Increased Cleaning Frequency

As the holiday season approaches, the role of the environmental services team becomes paramount in ensuring a clean, hygienic, and welcoming environment for residents, staff, and visitors. This involves a comprehensive approach to sanitizing high-touch surfaces, communal areas, and resident rooms, ensuring a hygienic foundation for festive celebrations. Concentrating on high-traffic areas, shared spaces, and frequently touched surfaces plays a pivotal role in preventing the spread of germs. Combining thorough deep cleaning and increased cleaning frequency, these dedicated professionals set the stage for seamless and joyful celebrations.

2. Holiday Meal Planning

Elevate the dining experience by engaging with the Dining Manager well in advance to plan special holiday meals and celebrations. Consider residents’ dietary preferences and restrictions, ensuring a diverse and inclusive menu. Early planning allows for smooth coordination with food suppliers, guaranteeing the availability of quality ingredients. This meticulous approach transforms holiday meals into memorable experiences for residents and guests.

3. Incorporate Outdoor Spaces

Embrace the charm of the holiday season by incorporating outdoor spaces for gatherings and celebrations. Weather permitting, organize events in garden areas or courtyard spaces. Not only does this provide residents and guests with a unique and refreshing experience, but it also helps to minimize the risk of virus transmission. Add to the festive atmosphere outdoors with decorations and seasonal touches.

4. Give Extra Attention to Residents

Recognize that the holidays may be a lonely time for some residents. Extend the joy beyond the facility by engaging the surrounding community, including neighbors, local schools, and other organizations. Encourage volunteers to spend time with residents who may not have family or friends nearby. Organize activities, companionship, and even shared meals to ensure that every resident feels the warmth and connection of the season.

5. Celebrate Leadership & Staff

Remember to take time to celebrate dedicated staff for all of their work throughout the year. Celebrating the staff can come in multiple forms. From organizing a catered meal with the Dining Team to allow staff to relax and mingle to incorporating a special thank you message from residents or guests to share with staff, these sentiments demonstrate appreciation for their hard work.

As you prepare for the holiday season, these expanded tips aim to guide facility leaders in creating safe and enjoyable environments where residents, staff, and visitors can comfortably embrace the festive spirit. Partnering with experienced services, like Healthcare Services Group, further enhances the peace of mind needed to navigate the holiday hustle successfully. Visit HCSG.com/services to explore how our services can elevate your care community throughout the year.

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