Q&A: Using Technology to Increase Resident Satisfaction

Senior Vice President of Information and Technology, Jason Osbeck, joined Healthcare Services Group (HCSG) in 1998. With his 25 years of experience at HCSG, he has seen the technological change within the company and the industry overall.

We sat down with Jason to discuss technology in the healthcare market and how HCSG is using it to better support customers and residents. With his lively demeanor, Jason educates on generational differences, measuring efficacy with technology, and how tech benefits all aspects of a healthcare community.

HCSG: Why is technology important to offering better service for residents and clients in the healthcare industry?

JO: “I look at technology as a way of reducing administrative burden for all of us in the industry. If we can leverage technology, leverage mobile devices for quality controls, or anything in our daily workload, it gets us back to serving the residents. That’s what we’re all here to do – serve the residents.”

HCSG: Do you think facility leaders are embracing technology?

JO: “You’re seeing folks invest in their infrastructure and wifi so that people with devices can make video calls and stay in touch with loved ones. Being more open to that technology allows everyone to have a better experience. The population that is starting to go into healthcare facilities grew up with more technology than the previous generation. They want a different experience than what was previously provided. They want options for TV. They want somewhere they can order the meals for the day. I think residents are forcing the industry to look differently on how services are delivered than they were 10-15 years ago.”

HCSG: How can using technology help support the needs of facility leaders?

JO: “You’re seeing facility leaders want to move all of their information together. Whether it’s a dashboard, reports, or web tool, when you bring it all together under one umbrella, it really tells you a story about your community. Maybe you have areas where you need to give more attention or maybe want to highlight a success. Bringing that information together allows you to get data in real-time, allowing you to act on it much quicker. What if instead of at the end of the month, the information is available at the end of the day. There are a lot of great things that happen in our partner communities, and we need to celebrate it because it sometimes goes overlooked.”

HCSG: What are some ways HCSG currently uses technology in partner communities?

JO: “Healthcare Services Group provides essential services, and everyone wouldn’t think that would involve technology. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our onboarding process is fully electronic, from start to finish, and it extends all the way to our quality tools and mobile inspection devices, our inventory management, purchasing, platforms, etc. We continue to evolve in the industry, and continue to adapt with our clients and residents as they ask us to provide more services in an efficient manner – and technology allows you to do that.”

HCSG: How does HCSG educate and train team members and clients on using technology within communities?

JO: “There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution to our training. We have an LMS system, and also do in-person and video conferencing training. Depending on the tool being developed, updated, or introduced, we try to work with our operators to do that most effectively. Then it’s making their life simpler. If we can show that it will make their life simpler, more effective, and efficient and reduce the administrative burden that we all have in our daily tasks – people are going to embrace it.”

HCSG: How does HCSG assess the effectiveness of technology in enhancing the overall customer experience?

JO: “It comes down to how it’ll impact the back office solutions that we provide and getting the feedback from our operators. Can we do it in a cost-effective manner, relieve some of the administrative burden, and make things run better than they did the day before.”

HCSG: Where do you envision HCSG in the future with regard to tech?

JO: “Where I want to see Healthcare Services Group in the future with regard to technology is really melding all of the different tasks we do from the back office to frontline services. The goal is to use as much of a systematic workflow as possible to help drive better business decisions and better outcomes for residents. Making all of that interconnected sounds easy, but it is challenging, especially as you look to the new systems and products that you want to develop.“

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