Empowering Students with Culinary Opportunities


Healthcare Services Group’s (HCSG) mission is to foster fulfillment in communities. However, the communities we refer to are more than just our client and resident communities. It extends to the community around us—our neighbors, friends, and strangers. 

Recently, two members of the HCSG team displayed their commitment to their community by visiting Dover High School’s culinary class. Led by HCSG Regional Executive Chef Willie Enchill and Director of Business Development Jesse Glanden, this visit aimed to introduce students to the diverse career opportunities within the culinary field.

Willie Enchill, a familiar face in Dover’s community events, emphasized the importance of showcasing various career options beyond the traditional paths. “It’s crucial for students to understand the multitude of opportunities available to them,” he explained. “We wanted to provide exposure to how they could use their culinary talents and passion in a healthcare setting.”

Jesse Glanden’s involvement added another layer of insight for students. With his background in sales, he aimed to broaden their perspective on career paths within the culinary realm. “I want students to see that culinary expertise doesn’t end with working in a restaurant,” Jesse shared. “There are numerous career paths within the culinary industry, each offering unique opportunities for growth and development.”

The event centered around a hands-on cooking session where students learned to prepare a flavorful chicken dish. During the session, the students quickly found their rhythm, showcasing impressive teamwork and culinary skills. “Their enthusiasm was noticeable,” Willie remarked. “It was incredibly rewarding to see them engaged and proud of their culinary creations.”

Jesse highlighted the technical skills and curiosity displayed by the students throughout the session. “Their willingness to ask questions and approach tasks with confidence was remarkable,” he noted. “It’s evident that initiatives like these play a crucial role in empowering students and expanding their horizons.”

Beyond culinary skills, the event aimed to challenge and inspire students in their approach to a culinary career. “By exposing students to different career options, we’re opening doors and possibilities they may not have considered before,” Jesse explained.

The event concluded with students receiving swag bags containing HCSG water bottles and lunch boxes. “Their excitement was truly rewarding,” Willie reflected. “It’s clear that initiatives like these have a positive impact on students, encouraging them to pursue their passions.”

In a time where career choices can feel overwhelming, events like the one at Dover High School provide invaluable guidance and inspiration. By bridging the gap between education and real-world opportunities, communities can empower the next generation to reach for the stars.

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