Building Bonds and Serving the Community

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Healthcare Services Group (HCSG) employees from the Bensalem home office came together to make a difference in the community by volunteering with Caring for Friends, our volunteer partner from MLK Day of Service. Caring for Friends, a local non-profit organization in Philadelphia, PA, shares food and friendship with homebound, unhoused, and hungry people in the community and surrounding areas, and HCSG colleagues proudly lent their time, working further toward our company’s purpose of fostering fulfillment in communities.

The food preparation event was held at the Caring for Friends warehouse in Philadelphia. As the 20 HCSG volunteers stepped into the industrial kitchen, they were greeted by a powerful quote from the Caring for Friends founder, Rita Ungaro-Schiavone, reminding them of the importance of solidarity: “No one should be hungry or alone in a world of caring people.” The Caring for Friends motto, “Sharing food and friendship,” resonated with the HCSG volunteers, setting the tone for the day ahead.

After a quick safety demonstration, duties were assigned, and teams were formed at volunteer stations. Laughter and lively conversation filled the air as they prepared sandwiches, cooked poultry, and chopped vegetables. What started as colleagues volunteering together quickly transformed into a fun bonding experience. From rinsing vegetables to meticulously assembling trays of sandwiches, they operated like a well-oiled machine, each contributing their unique skills and talents.

Together, in just a few hours, the HCSG volunteers prepared 360 sandwiches, each one representing a moment of nourishment for someone in need. Additionally, they cooked more than 400 chicken meals, ensuring that those in need would enjoy a warm and filling meal. For the day, HCSG volunteers prepared nearly 1,000 servings for those in need across the Philadelphia metro area. The numbers alone paint a vivid picture of their dedication and hard work.

Voices of Compassion:

Amidst the hustle and bustle, a few HCSG team members shared their thoughts and feelings about the volunteer experience:

Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer Pat Orr, highlighted the joyous atmosphere and the importance of community service, sharing, “This is a really special opportunity to both serve the community and share the experience with other members of the HCSG team — and we had a blast! Caring for Friends is a great organization, and I was fortunate to be part of the group today.”

Pete Nenstiel, Sr. Vice President of Financial Services, emphasized team-building, saying, “It’s been a great opportunity to get out here with co-workers and volunteer to give back to those who are less fortunate.”

Event organizer and HCSG Employee Engagement Specialist, Shanae’ Freeman, shared her experience for the day, saying, “Volunteering at Caring for Friends was an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience for me. As our team came together to prepare meals for community members in need, I was reminded of the power of compassion and the profound impact a simple act of kindness can have. I’m grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others and I hope our efforts bring comfort and nourishment to those we served.”

Anthony Newberry, an Instructional Designer, found personal fulfillment in lending a hand, stating, “I feel that it gives me a personal sense of helping others, and it’s a small thing I can do that can have a larger impact on those in need.”

Erin Damarodis, an HCSG Employee Health Coordinator, expressed her motivation to give back, saying, “There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing I helped someone today.”

The volunteer experience brought team members from different floors of the HCSG building together, fostering friendships and a shared sense of purpose. Through their collective efforts, they embodied the spirit of compassion, making a meaningful impact on the lives of others. This event serves as a reminder that we can make a difference in our community by coming together.

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