HCSG Teams Celebrate Weddings Nationwide


Wedding season is in full swing. One HCSG Portland Account Manager had the opportunity to go above and beyond by organizing a wedding reception at our partner facility in less than a day so a resident could see her daughter get married.

On Friday, May 5, HCSG Account Manager Stacey received a call from Eric Stokes, CEO of Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland, informing her that one of the residents there had a daughter who was getting married that weekend. Unfortunately, the resident was unable to attend the wedding due to a health condition. Being a mom herself, Stacey understood the importance of the event and immediately began to organize a reception for the newlyweds at the hospital. “I got to thinking and looking to see what I had on hand and went to work,” explained Stacey. Despite having less than a day to plan and execute the event, Stacey and her team managed to put together a beautiful and memorable celebration.

In addition to planning the event, Stacey made and decorated the wedding cake, cooked the food, and created a stunning floral centerpiece. “I made a crab stuffed mushroom, mini ham and swiss quiche, and an avocado bruschetta with a cilantro lime cream,” said Stacey. Adding, “The cake was white with raspberry cream filling and buttercream frosting. For the toast, I brought in some sparkling apple cider and champagne flutes.” All of this showcased Stacey’s incredible dedication, talent, and more than 25 years of experience in the culinary industry. 

Stacey joined the HCSG team in 2022. “I knew I didn’t want to be in the retail restaurant industry anymore and looked at different opportunities. I wanted work that impacts people and helps them heal and become whole again,” said Stacey. “I have a culinary arts diploma and a nutrition bachelor’s degree. Now I have found a position where my two passions meet.”

In summarizing the event, Stacey commented on the importance of moments like this. “I have learned that life is more about the experiences we have than the items we purchase. To be able to give someone an experience they would otherwise miss out on is priceless.”

Across the country, in West Virginia, more HCSG teams have been creating memorable wedding experiences. In late May, the Dunbar Center in West Virginia, hosted a special vow renewal ceremony for two residents who had been married for 60 years but were never able to have a wedding reception.

Account Manager Tara Miller skillfully created a beautiful wedding cake and nearly 100 cupcakes for the event. Despite initial nervousness, Tara’s creations were a hit with the attendees. Stacy Brinegar, the area District Manager, fondly recalled, “Everybody loved the desserts, especially the icing.We were excited to embrace this opportunity and the residents really enjoyed it. It was a good day.”

Just a month later, in June, Stacy’s team at the Marmet Center in Marmet, West Virginia, contributed to wedding festivities by baking and decorating a wedding cake for a ceremony held within the long-term care facility.

The effort from these teams in Oregon and West Virginia demonstrates the extraordinary care and empathy that HCSG team members bring to their work daily. We are inspired by their dedication to making a difference in the lives of the community residents and their families. These acts of kindness remind us of the importance of our work and the positive impact it has on the residents and families we serve daily in thousands of partner communities nationwide.

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