Employee Resources

Employee HUB

The HUB was created with our employees in mind. It serves as a central location to learn more about what is happening around HCSG, view photos of your peers from around the country, share your news and photos, explore new Career Opportunities within our Company, quickly access your Paystubs and W2, and much more! Click here to log into the HUB.

HR Hotline

If you are a current or former employee, or otherwise wish to connect with an HR Representative, please contact the Human Resources Hotline at 833-HR4-HCSG.


Current employees can view all available benefits or contact the Benefits Department by going to the HUB.

Employee Assistance Program

Free Employee Assistance Program available to all HCSG Employees. The WorkLifeMatters Employee Assistance Program offers health, financial, and family services to help promote well-being and enhance the quality of life for employees and their families. Support and guidance are available to assist with family and personal issues online at ibhworklife.com and by phone at 1-800-386-7055.

Paystubs or W2

If you are a current employee, go to the HUB to access your W2 or Pay Stubs. If you are a former employee trying to access your W2, please call the HR Hotline at 833-HR4-HCSG.

Going Beyond
Assistance Fund

The Going Beyond Assistance Fund (GBAF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was formed by HCSG to serve as a charitable employer-sponsored disaster relief organization to provide emergency, hardship, and disaster assistance, to HCSG employees and their dependents or family members.

The GBAF relies primarily on individual donations from employees to fund this program. Go to the HUB to learn more and to set up your recurring donation or use the link below to donate via PayPal.

If you are a legal representative of a current or former employee, please contact the HR Hotline at 833-HR4-HCSG.

Support the HCSG Community

The GBAF relies primarily on individual donations from employees to fund this program. Whether you choose to make a recurring donation or a one-time gift, your contribution, when combined with the donations of others, will make a meaningful difference for other members of the HCSG family that unexpectedly find themselves in need.