Revamping Resident Activities with Inclusive Diets


One key element in resident communities that provides an engaging environment is the activities offered daily. These activities provide a sense of purpose and belonging, foster social interaction, boost morale, and preserve cognitive health.

Often, snacks and drinks are offered during activities. Since residents’ diets range from liquid to therapeutic, gluten-free, textured-modified, and more, various food and drink options are necessary so that all residents are safe and included.

Use these tips to help ensure that residents on modified diets can participate in and enjoy these activities:

These tips and tricks make a tremendous difference to residents. Engagement and social interaction are essential to cognitive health, and making snacks and drinks available to all makes the day-to-day routines and activities of residents in long-term care more enjoyable.

Julia Richards, MPH, RD |

“Nutrition greatly impacts residents’ lives, both physically and emotionally. I am grateful to be able to navigate their nutritional needs and improve their overall well-being.”

Starting with HCSG in 2022, Julia received her Masters of Public Health in Dietetics at the University of Michigan. She lives in Grand Haven, MI, with her husband, toddler, and golden retriever. In her free time, she enjoys DIY-ing home renovations, training for half-marathons, and relaxing on the beach with her family.

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