Healthy Shopping on a Budget


Mastering the art of food shopping is essential for creating healthy, delicious, and budget-friendly meals. Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or just starting, these valuable tips will enhance your food shopping experience and help you save money.

1. Meal Plan & Create a Grocery List

Stay organized by planning meals weekly. After planning what you want to eat, take stock of your pantry to see what is needed, then make a grocery list. Having a list keeps you on track and budget while grocery shopping.

2. Be Flexible

Swapping out ingredients for similar alternatives is a great way to try new recipes and save money. For instance, if ground chicken is on sale but your recipe calls for ground turkey, swap out ground turkey for ground chicken to save money.

3. Buy Frozen

Frozen fruits and vegetables are just as good as fresh. When fruits and vegetables are not in season they can become very pricey. Buying these items frozen can help you save, and they taste just as delicious!

4. Buy in Bulk

Buy non-perishable food items in bulk, including essentials like rice, baking ingredients, and other pantry stables, can result in long-term savings. Wholesale store can be a great place to find bulk items.

5. Look at Ads & Specials

Check out the weekly ads at your favorite grocery store while you’re planning weekly meals. If you notice that chicken breasts are 50% off, coordinate meals that use chicken breasts or other foods on sale.

6. Pay Attention to Your Food Waste

If you’re finding that you are continuously throwing away the same food each week, try not to buy it anymore. Alternatively, explore new recipes to discover creative ways to use the foods that are going to waste

5. Join Rewards Programs

Almost all grocery stores offer rewards programs. Sign up online to unlock access to member-exclusive weekly deals and coupons available only to reward members.

8. Don’t Go to the Store Hungry

Shopping on an empty stomach may lead to purchasing more snacks than usual. Make sure you grab something to eat before heading out to avoid buying everything in sight!

By applying these strategies to your food shopping routine, your experience could be less costly and more enjoyable overall!

Tips on how to make your food shopping experience nutritious and budget-friendly from HCSG RD Natalie Corradini

Natalie J. Corradini RDN, LN |

“From a scientific perspective, food is fuel, but it is so much more than that. Food sparks memories, provides joy & comfort, and brings people together.”

Natalie Corradini started with HCSG in 2023 after obtaining her degree in Medical Dietetics from Ohio State University. During her time at school, Natalie worked as a Pharmacy Technician on top of being a High School Softball Speed and Agility Coach. When she is not at work or the gym, Natalie enjoys cuddling up with her cat and reading a good book.

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