4 Tips to Increase Hydration


Hydration is one of the nutrition basics that is frequently compromised. Not only does consuming fluids aid in hydration, but it also plays a role in respiration, digestion, and satiety. To maintain proper hydration, it’s recommended that women drink about three liters of water daily, with men consuming about four liters. But knowing the amount needed doesn’t make it any easier to achieve this recommendation. Incorporate these four hydration tips into your day to increase your water intake.

1. Use a Reusable Water Bottle

Start with a fun, reusable water bottle. Not only is using a reusable water bottle eco-friendly, but it’s also convenient! These days, refillable stations are everywhere, making it simple to refill and keep hydrated. Having a filled water bottle on you throughout the day is a great reminder to keep sipping, which will keep you hydrated and be great for maintaining your energy levels.

2. Add Fruits & Veggies to Your Diet

Make fruits and vegetables the “main character” of your meals and snacks. Produce is rich in vitamins and minerals and packed full of hydrating properties. Keeping fruits and vegetables present for all meal and snack options is a great way to add fluids to your day without having to actually drink the water. Cucumbers, berries, and melons are a tasty way to increase your intake. 

3. Naturally Flavor Your Water

Using fun flavors in your water can make hydration more interesting. Cucumbers, lemons, and muddled raspberries are a simple hack to changing the flavor of plain water. Whether you’re using an infuser in your water bottle or simply adding them to the water container will allow the flavors to trickle slowly into the liquid. 

4. Try Coconut Water

Opt for unsweetened coconut water to replenish electrolytes after a warm day or heavy sweat sesh. Unsweetened coconut water is ideal however if that’s not available, a lower-sugar or lightly sweetened option could be an alternative.

Lauren T. Bath, RD, LDN | lauren.bath@hcsgcorp.com

“I believe nutrition should be something that can be customized to be attainable, realistic, and fun for everyone.”

Lauren Bath has been a Registered Dietitian with Healthcare Services Group for over a year. She started her career as a Retail Dietitian in New Jersey, where she is originally from. Lauren completed her Master of Science in Nutrition with a concentration in Sports Nutrition. Lauren teaches pilates reformer classes, strength training sessions, and HIIT classes when she’s not working in the centers.