Taste of HCSG: Gateway Rehabilitation


In late December, Healthcare Services Group (HCSG), in partnership with Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital, hosted a Taste of HCSG event in Florence, Kentucky. This event allowed residents, staff, and guests to come together and sample some of the food options available from HCSG Dining Services. “It’s an opportunity for us to display what we do great, and that’s to provide good food for people,” said HCSG District Manager, Kelly Leapaldt. 

Guests enjoyed a variety of salads and entrees, including Strawberry Salad, Chicken Cordon Blue, Pork Tenderloin with Apple Ginger Sauce, and Cheese Tortellini in a Marinara Sauce, to name a few. Additionally, various fresh ‘grab-and-go’ options were available to sample, such as Turkey BLT Wrap, Veggie Hummus Pack, Southwest Chicken Cobb Salad, and Fruit and Yogurt Parfait. The grab-and-go options will be ideal for staff and guests to access throughout the day without worrying about leaving the facility to access a nutritious meal or snack.

Every meal prepared by HCSG focuses on delivering nutritional elements to promote a healthy diet, boost immune systems, and alleviate stress around meal planning. “We are offering a level of nutrition. Not just to the patients who need it for healing, but for the staff too, so that they stay healthy,” said HCSG Dining Account Manager, Kevin Gleason, who helped the event come to life.

As part of achieving the highest dining experience and satisfaction, guest were encouraged to complete feedback cards to share their thoughts on the food and where we could continue to elevate our service. Some of the feedback included positive comments about the flavor and overall presentation of the food. One guest said “everything I tried was cooked to perfection.”

HCSG aims to deliver quality food and memorable dining experiences with every dish served. Learn more about elevating nutrition and service for your resident community and staff. Visit HCSG.com/Dining to learn more, or click here to contact us today.