Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is impacted by this change?

  • The Housekeeping, Laundry, and Dining Departments will be affected by the transition to Healthcare Services Group (HCSG)

2. What is the effective date of this change?

  • The Housekeeping, Laundry, and Dining Services Department will be officially transitioned to HCSG on May 19, 2024. Legacy and HCSG will be working together to ensure an orderly transition of the services and staff.

3. Will I continue to be employed under HCSG?

  • All employees will be given the opportunity to continue their employment with HCSG at their current rate of pay. Representatives from HCSG will be able to address any questions you have regarding your employment. The transitioning employees will not only complete the HCSG new hire process (application, in-services, etc.) but also learn more about the new organization and what to expect. During the new hire process, you will need to provide identification as indicated on the I-9 form.

4. How do I punch in and out?

  • HCSG is providing an electronic time clock system. Instructions and procedures will be provided by your manager and or district manager. To ensure accuracy concerning the employee’s paychecks, employees are able to receive their pay stubs electronically.

5. When will I receive my first paycheck from Healthcare Services Group?

  • Employees will receive their first Healthcare Services Group paycheck on June 6, 2024. This paycheck will reflect hours worked between May 19, 2024 and June 1, 2024. Moving forward, employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis.

6. Does Healthcare Services Group provide a direct deposit option for my paycheck?

  • Yes. HCSG provides a direct deposit option, a pay card option as well as a paper option for your paycheck. Please be sure to bring a voided check or letter from the bank with routing and account number to be set up. Direct deposit may not be available for your first paycheck, but will be available after that.

7. Will the advanced wage program still be available?

  • The advanced wage program will discontinue with HCSG, however, HCSG is working on developing a similar program to be available in the future.

8. What will happen to my insurance benefits?

  • Legacy insurance benefits will continue through 5/31/2024. COBRA or portability options may be available to you to continue your Legacy plan. Eligible employees, who work an average of 20 hours or more per week will also have the option to enroll in HCSG insurance plans effective 6/1/2024. See your manager for information on how to enroll.

9. What happens to my accrued VHS time?

  • HCSG will honor all VHS time that you have accrued with Legacy under the applicable Legacy policy. All new hires will be hired under the HCSG VHS program.

10. How do I report a workplace injury?

  • You will report a workplace injury to the HCSG on-site manager (Account Manager). They will have the necessary call line or paperwork you will need to complete.

11. Which Employee Handbook will I follow?

  • You will follow the HCSG employee handbook in which you will receive when you attend the employee in-service.

12. Who will maintain my personnel file?

  • Your new supervisor from HCSG will maintain your HCSG file.

13. Do I have to wear uniforms and name tags?

  • Yes. You will continue to wear the uniform and name badge you currently wear.

14. What happens to my garnishment and/or child support that is set up with Legacy?

  • Your current order will be terminated and you should notify the creditor or child support office of your new employer: Healthcare Services Group, in order not to delay any payments. You should continue to make payments directly to the courts until your deductions are taken from your HCSG check.

15. Who do I contact about logging into my desktop or chromebook?

  • Please call the HCSG Help Desk at 267-525-8573 or email them at helpdesk@hcsgcorp.com. Please include your full name, contact number, payroll code and a brief description of your issue.

16. Where can I get more information about HCSG once I am onboarded?

  • All employees will have access to the intranet called the HUB at www.HCSGHUB.com
  • We will continue to give you updates and answer your questions during this transition. Feel free to go to your facility manager, regional manager and the Home Office HR team for your questions. Thank You!

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to Healthcare Services Group! For the last four decades, HCSG has been a trusted provider of housekeeping, laundry, dining, and clinical services. One of the ways we have been able to excel in the services we provide is through our dedicated employees. We are excited to have you as a part of our team and look forward to contributing to your professional development and success.