Broiler Chicken Disclaimer

Healthcare Services Group, Inc. (“HCSG”) understands the issues related to the welfare of broiler chickens and together with our suppliers and the help of others in the market, our goal is to positively impact the conditions for broiler chickens. HCSG has asked or will ask our suppliers to implement additional humane conditions for the treatment of broiler chickens for 100% of our chicken products by 2024.

  • Transitioning to strains of birds that measurably improve welfare outcomes that meet the criteria of the RSPCA Broiler Breed Welfare Assessment Protocol or Global Animal Partnership (GAP).
  • Reducing maximum stocking density to equal to/less than 6 lbs./sq. Ft. and prohibit broiler cages.
  • Providing chickens with enriched environments including hay bales, litter, perches and lighting that meet GAP’s new standards.
  • Rendering chickens unconscious prior to shackling using a multi-step controlled atmosphere stunning system.
  • Demonstrating compliance with the above standards via third party auditing.

As a provider of dining and nutrition services within the long term care industry, HCSG is not engaged in the farming or raising of agricultural products.

It is, however, committed to maintaining high standards for quality across the enterprise, and buys food from several vendors that support high quality and ethical production methods.