45 Years of Industry Experience

The past year has proven that Infection Prevention is everyone’s responsibility but with over 45 years of experience, Healthcare Services Group has developed and refined proven programs that focus on Infection Prevention & Control.

Environmental Services

HCSG’s foundation begins with our Environmental Services. For over four decades, we have been at the forefront, supporting Infection Prevention and Control initiatives for housekeeping and laundry departments in thousands of communities across the country.

HCSG leaders share their thoughts on Company’s responsiveness to COVID and implementation of Infection Prevention & Control processes.


Join us on Tuesday, April 20th, for our Fireside Chat featuring HCSG leaders sharing their Infection Prevention & Control perspectives. Learn more about the recent changes affecting our industry, the components of a successful Infection Prevention program, and how HCSG has been able to help our client partners keep their communities safe during these difficult times.

Healthcare Services Group is comprised of dedicated associates focused on implementing Infection Prevention Programs to thousands of healthcare facilities and providing safe environments to residents across the country.

    It’s important to have a company that will support you in your efforts to keep facilities clean and disinfected and that company is Healthcare Services Group. We are dedicated to helping administrators and their facilities in any way that’s needed, so they can focus on the important job of caring for our residents!
    Steven VanSkiver, Account Manager
    I communicate with my staff daily. If there are any issues that need addressed, I make sure they are fixed immediately.
    Kimberly Vancas, Account Manager
    I truly enjoy the work I do. It has always been more fulfilling for me than any other work I have done in the past. Leaving work every day knowing you made a difference is rewarding. We all have strengths and weaknesses, however it is wonderful to see each one of my staff work together to help each other succeed.
    Sandra Cabler, Account Manager
    In the last year limiting the spread of COVID has been a challenge for all but with knowledge, proper PPE, and a housekeeping team who are passionate about safety, help to limit the spread as well as accomplish a perfect state audit.
    Nicole Putman, Area Training Manager
    We have learned how vital our role is as a front line defense for Infection Prevention in our facility. We have stepped into a new age with better equipment and more comprehensive chemical usage.
    Thomas Hartney, District Manager
    I enjoy the overall instant gratification of working with and leading these amazing healthcare heroes. Every single day I see them not only work hard to maintain a clean and beautiful place to call home, I also get to see them interact with the residents. Making them smile and laugh, reminiscing on what incredible lives they have had.
    Miley Fade, Account Manager
    It’s very important that facilities have a partner like HCSG because we are the experts in EVS services! We ensure the facilities do not have to worry about the cleaning process and constantly strive to earn their trust: To trust that HCSG will provide highly trained staff that are not just knowledgeable but willing to work with the confidence of keeping our facilities free of infection.
    Janie Martinez, Account Manager
    Everyone on our team is extremely level-headed, and understands that the lives of our residents are also in our hands (not just nursing staff). Although we’re not giving direct care, the prevention of the spread of viruses and infection is vital to the safety of our residents, staff, and communities. The importance of infection prevention & control are communicated during training, and can truly never be understated!
    Shianne (Shi) Marshall, Account Manager
    My staff and I are not just housekeepers. We are a team of healthcare heroes; we will stand together and get the job done no matter what! This past month I celebrated my 23 year anniversary with HCSG and I have enjoyed being a leader and mentor for several teams and over the years I have learned that the key to successfully leading a team is being a part of the team.
    Shirley Gregory, Account Manager