Showing HCSG Pride on the Big Day

When Ramon Avalos-Ochoa joined the HCSG team in 2017, he knew he found a company that was a great match for him. 

In the Fall of 2022, he knew he wanted to add some HCSG flair to his wedding wardrobe. A recent apparel giveaway provided the Connecticut Assistant Manager with just the accessory to wear to show his HCSG pride. During Housekeeping Week in September, HCSG sent blue socks patterned with the company logo to all of the housekeeping team members as part of a token of their appreciation during the celebratory week.

“Housekeeping Week was a few weeks before my wedding. I remember asking to myself ‘why not?’ and thinking I should do it.” But his partner of more than ten years wasn’t as casual about the idea. “She was not jumping up and down about it,” he laughs, before continuing. “I remember exactly what she told me: ‘seriously… they don’t match your suit.’”

But Ramon’s partner knew that his job made him happy and assured him that as long as he was happy with the socks, she was happy. With his fiancé’s blessing, Ramon was able to wear the socks and even shared pairs with his groomsmen, too.

“I’m so grateful for everything HCSG has done for me that it just felt right to wear them on a special day.”

Ramon Avalos-Ochoa

HCSG is proud of Ramon’s work in Connecticut and is honored that he decided to incorporate us on such a special day. Congratulations to Ramon Avalos-Ochoa, Assistant Manager at Arden House Center in Hamden, CT, and his new wife!

Three photos from Ramon's wedding wear he's wearing the HCSG socks.