Going Beyond to Resolve Transportation Issues in Texas

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As a Healthcare Services Group (HCSG) Environmental Services partner for years, Mystic Park Nursing & Rehab in San Antonio served as a convenient commute facility for employees who utilized public transportation. However, when the transit authority announced the usual route would change, it would leave two HCSG Housekeepers — Charleston Hayden and Terry Benitez — over half a mile away from the facility. Even with the change, Charleston and Terry expressed their desire to remain employed with HCSG at Mystic Park. To avoid losing these valuable HCSG team members — and with two weeks to think of a solution — HCSG District Manager, Salvador Gonzales, started brainstorming.

HCSG District Manager, Salvador Gonzales
HCSG District Manager, Salvador Gonzales

First, Salvador contacted the city of San Antonio to talk about reinstating the old bus route but found they were unwilling to shift from their new plan. The challenge then turned toward thinking of providing these staff members with an alternate means of getting to work outside the public transit system.

After careful consideration and creative thinking, Salvador and his team came up with the idea of purchasing bicycles. The employees who previously relied on the old bus route could carry the bikes on the bus and use them to get to the facility from their new stop.

The bicycles provided a solution, but all scenarios had to be considered, including what would occur during inclement weather. Eager to help, HCSG Laundry Worker, Hydie Peterson, generously volunteered to pick up and drop off Charleston and Terry from the bus stop on days she works. “I created a group chat with all three to stay in communication on days when bad weather is in the forecast,” Salvador said. When Hydie is not scheduled to work, Salvador will coordinate rideshare transportation for both employees.

Within a week of learning about the new bus route predicament, Salvador, and his team, with the support of HCSG leaders, quickly brainstormed a solution, purchased the bikes, and came up with plans to ensure Charleston and Terry would be able to come to work. When discussing the collective team effort to help Charleston and Terry get to work, Salvador added “Charleston and Terry are valuable team members who continually go above and beyond for HCSG. We were determined to do whatever we could to ensure they could stay with HCSG and continue to be able to provide for their families.”

HCSG Housekeepers, Charleston Hayden and Terry Benitez, sitting on their bikes, holding bike kits.
HCSG Housekeepers, Charleston Hayden (left) and Terry Benitez (right)

The teamwork and creativity caught the eye of Facility Administrator, Elizabeth Ruehle, who is used to being impressed by this team and their leaders, and was very excited about the idea. “She had concerns about inclement weather but was happy to hear we worked out all the details,” Salvador said.

“This situation called for out-of-the-box thinking to arrive at a creative solution to retain these employees,” Salvador continued. “I am happy we were able to communicate concerns, evaluate our options, and develop a resolution that benefited all parties. These are the types of actions that truly make me proud of being part of such a great team of people.

HCSG considers all team members a vital part of our success as we aim to support each team member’s development and approach to grow with us. We thank leaders like Salvador for their incredible efforts and willingness to go above and beyond in support of their fellow colleagues. Through integrity, collaboration, empowerment, and perseverance, this team show what HCSG stands for and the measures we’re willing to take to achieve our purpose, vision, and values for both our team and our clients. Learn more about our services, dedicated leaders, and how you can use your desire to serve your community by exploring Careers at HCSG.com.