Local Heroes Shine Through Hurricane Ian’s Devastation


In late September, Hurricane Ian made landfall in the Gulf region of the United States. The storm hit Florida especially hard, becoming the deadliest hurricane to rip through the state since 1935. any of Healthcare Services Group’s (HCSG) employees, partner facilities, and their residents felt the impacts of the storm. Long-term care facilities housing some of our country’s most fragile population were flooded and forced to evacuate. But through such dire times, HCSG team members stuck by their residents’ sides to offer a helping hand.

HCSG team members removing linens after Hurricane Ian.

In the months following Hurricane Ian, local leadership shared stories of HCSG colleagues bravely helping residents evacuate safely, volunteering their time, and providing resources.

In Fort Myers, Account Manager Steve Trought and two of his team members stayed at a partner facility for four days working around the clock to ensure that all residents received nutritious meals. They worked through generator failure, limited equipment, and water issues without complaints – just compassion.

In Hialeah, FL, Account Manager Gabriella’s facility took in over 100 residents already residing there. Gabriella kept the kitchen running as normal – motivating her staff while also engaging in the operational needs throughout the facility. She was recently promoted to Account Manager from a Manager-In-Training a week prior to the storm and demonstrated HCSG’s core values and her dedication to the team and residents immediately.

To honor these outstanding team members, HCSG hosted a recognition event in late November to acknowledge their efforts during Hurricane Ian. Members of the HCSG executive team, management, and volunteers, filled a banquet space to celebrate these individuals alongside facility administrators.

Recognized team members received a plaque honoring their heroic efforts, in addition to gifts from HCSG Chief Operations Officer Andy Kush.

Bonds began to form as team members recalled their harrowing stories of Hurricane Ian. The shared experiences gave team members a moment to reflect, appreciate, and celebrate all they had accomplished.

To everyone who worked tirelessly for our communities before, during, and after Hurricane Ian, HCSG would like to send a heartfelt thank you once again. Your teamwork, dedication, and efforts represent what HCSG strives to achieve daily. We are incredibly proud to have you on our team – especially when the times get tough.

Southwest Florida continues to work together to rebuild, including many HCSG employees who lost their homes or other personal property. If you would like to help, donate to the Going Beyond Assistance Fund today. Your tax-deductible donation will aid employees facing hardships because of Hurricane Ian.