4 Ways an EVS Partnership can bring Peace of Mind


As healthcare administrators continue to adapt to ever-evolving challenges, from managing budgetary constraints to maintaining staffing levels and meeting regulatory requirements, their focus remains on providing residents with quality and thoughtful care. 

An experienced and supportive partner can take on some of those challenges and give leaders peace of mind to let go of some responsibilities to focus on pressing needs around their community. 

An area of opportunity for administrators to explore is a partnership with an experienced environmental services (EVS) provider who can offer the necessary expertise, resources, and technology to keep communities looking and feeling their best. 

Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

An experienced provider will offer cleaning solutions that meet the unique needs of your community through a customized cleaning program. This unique approach will ensure high standards of cleanliness are maintained, reduce the spread of illness, and support a safe environment for residents, staff, and guests to enjoy.

Training & Staffing 

Confidence in a well-staffed and trained department can offer peace of mind to healthcare leaders. An experienced partner will have the tools and resources to implement hands-on, continuous training for employees at every level on infection prevention and control, proper hygiene, and proper use of personal protective equipment. 

Regulatory Compliance

Staying on top of ever-changing regulatory requirements is integral to a successful environmental services program. With the support of an experienced service provider, administrators can be confident that all cleaning procedures are completed accurately and effectively to meet all local, state, and federal requirements. 

Flexibility & Responsiveness

Things can change rapidly in long-term care, so having a partner that can remain nimble and address immediate concerns can positively support healthcare leaders. Consider a partnership with a service provider with multiple management support levels that can act as additional resources to help keep facilities running smoothly and effectively. 

Partnering with an established EVS provider will provide peace of mind to administrators and facility leaders while supporting an environment residents want to live in, guests want to visit, and where the staff wants to grow in their careers. 

Healthcare Services Group (HCSG) has developed and refined proven methods for infection prevention and control while adhering to regulatory requirements and standards. For more than four decades, HCSG has implemented housekeeping and laundry programs consisting of comprehensive hands-on training, quality assurance practices, a multi-level management support structure, in-depth performance appraisal and reporting, and customer satisfaction assessments. To learn more about our Environmental Services, visit HCSG.com/EVS.

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