Environmental Services

HCSG’s foundation begins with our Environmental Services. For over four decades, we have been at the forefront, supporting Infection Prevention and Control initiatives for housekeeping and laundry departments in thousands of communities across the country.


HCDG employee using a disinfecting sprayer on chairs in a facility lobby.

HCSG has developed and refined proven programs that focus on infection prevention and control while adhering to regulatory requirements and standards, under the guidance of our Corporate Infection Preventionist. Accurate implementation and adherence are key to consistent, compliant, and effective services. For over four decades, HCSG has implemented environmental and laundry programs consisting of comprehensive hands-on training, quality assurance practices, a multi-level management support structure, in-depth performance appraisal and reporting, and customer satisfaction assessments.

Administrators, staff, guests, and residents can trust that our dedicated teams keep their needs top of mind while delivering our services. We understand the challenges healthcare communities face and our goal is to deliver improved, consistent outcomes, contributing to our clients’ operational, regulatory, and financial success.


Two HCSG employees walking down a facility hallway, wearing masks and looking at a clipboard in HCSG employee attire.

Healthcare Services Group understands that a well-designed and executed professional training program for all employees is critical to delivering effective, efficient, and quality services. Our programs are founded upon our detailed, hands-on approach to training employees at every level. The Joint Commission standards: federal, state, and local laws; regulations; and codes related to safety and sanitation inform all of our training, compliance, and operational procedures.

HCSG’S Excellence function encompasses three key components to ensure the delivery of optimal service outcomes. Operational Excellence is centered on achieving high operating standards through objective performance measurements and systems adherence. Regulatory Excellence aims for “deficiency-free” environments by standardizing survey readiness assessments and implementing a survey-process framework. Customer Excellence gauges satisfaction among all stakeholders, including clients, residents, and employees, through objective means, such as surveys and in-depth interviews. Our investment in the Excellence function is fully aligned with supporting our Vision: To Be The Choice For Our Customers.