Dining Services

Man and woman with arms crossed smiling in kitchen, wearing HCSG Chef attire.

Delivering exceptional dining experiences is a significant responsibility, and always top of mind. Our Dining Services programs consider the diversity in tastes and nutritional requirements to source quality ingredients that are expertly crafted by culinary professionals into aesthetically and aromatically pleasing meals. Our comprehensive programs source premium food products, accessing local produce, dairy, and bakery, as well as familiar, national brands alike. We leverage a broad menu management system to recognize resident preferences and dietary restrictions to best meet their needs. Our extensive and continuous staff training targets compliance and delivering the best dining experiences possible.


Our commitment to excellence and adhering to the stringent industry regulations is the focus of our multi-level, field-based management structure. Our culinary experts train our associates on the latest techniques while holding ourselves accountable to deliver consistent quality service and optimal outcomes.

We understand that for residents, meals are often the highlight of their day. At times, it can be one of the few aspects of their lives over which they retain control. It is imperative to provide them with an unparalleled experience for every meal. Ensuring that the needs of guests are met and enhancing their experience is at the forefront of everything HSCG does. We actively solicit feedback for improvement and recognize individual dietary needs and tastes to deliver the highest quality every day, every meal.


HCSG’s Culinary Excellence team is a network of executive chefs and culinary experts focused on enhancing the dining experience in every community we manage. The team is committed to educating through hands-on skill development and leadership training. In seeking ever-improving culinary techniques, we elevate our dining services and enhance the overall guest and resident experience. In addition, HCSG associates further develop their own skills, which can create new leadership and career advancement opportunities. Our investment in Culinary Excellence complements our efforts to deliver impeccable service and improved operational and regulatory outcomes.