First Job Leads to Thriving Career

CEO Ted Wahl with Mark Daley (right) celebrating 30 years at HCSG.

“Passion and perseverance.” These are the words Healthcare Services Group (HCSG) CEO, Ted Wahl, used to describe Director of Operational Excellence Mark Daley and his career journey that has spanned more than three decades.

Hired by then Director of Operations, Bryan McCartney, Mark started with HCSG in the winter of 1993 as a Manager in Training. His first job after graduating from West Chester University, Mark was driven to learn but would have never guessed his beginning days learning the fundamentals of the housekeeping services business would span to become a successful three-decade career. 

Over the years, Mark grew with the company, holding half a dozen titles like Account Manager, District Manager, Director of Operations, Regional Vice President, and currently Director of Operational Excellence.

Looking back, Mark fondly recalls his career’s different paths through the years. “Back in ‘95, I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, for HCSG. Bryan approached me about a new group called Hill Haven. They had about 40 buildings in North Carolina and gave us an opportunity to start services in one,” recalled Mark. Bryan asked him to manage the building, so Mark and his future wife packed up and moved to Raleigh. Over the next six months, Mark showed what he was capable of, and Hill Haven expanded its partnership with HCSG to 18 buildings. “I was part of that. I’m very fond of the relationships made with that group and it was the jumping-off point for my career,” Mark said.

Bryan McCartney (left) and Mark Daley.

Bryan would continue to be a mentor to Mark and impact his trajectory with HCSG. “Bryan gave me a pathway from day one. He showed me a script for day 1-30, 30-90, 90-120, saying ‘if you do these things, you’ll move up.’ He was so true to that and loyal, which meant a lot to me.” Working with Bryan also impacted how Mark led his teams throughout his career. He often preaches the efforts of the team, rather than the individual, and stresses that the overall success lies with Account Managers and their staff.

Thirty years can provide knowledge and experience into the inner workings of an organization. Mark describes HCSG as a family company that really does care about their employees – not just professionally, but in their personal lives as well. He is thankful for the seemingly endless number of opportunities available, which allowed him to work his way up. “Anyone can grow their career at HCSG through hard work and dedication,” he says. “Each level is there for you to achieve if you put the time in.”

Mark isn’t slowing down, in his current role as Director of Operational Excellence, Mark leads nearly a dozen team members from both Dining and Environmental Services centered on achieving high operating standards through objective performance measurements and systems adherence. He also leads the new Recovery Team that was launched in 2023 with the purpose of assuring client satisfaction and operational excellence.

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