Military Appreciation Month 2022

As we conclude this year’s Military Appreciation Month, we’re re-visiting some of the service members that we featured throughout the month, and some we are sharing for the first time. We honor these brave individuals and are thankful for the work performed by our active-duty military, veterans, and military spouses throughout our organization.

Learn how they use their military service in their roles today, the advice they have for veterans transitioning to civilian life, and how HCSG has supported military families in their professional journey.

Victor Sanabria

Serving in the US Marine Corps for ten years, including during Desert Storm (Storm Shield), has provided him with an array of advice for fellow veterans. “Take the good core values and principles you have learned and that have been instilled in you. The ability to organize and think fast on your feet in high-stress situations with you. Leave behind all the bad habits and mold yourself into a great leader and the best person you can be. Teach others, become a mentor, and make a difference.”

Photo: Victor shares how HCSG has supported his military journey.

Stephanie McBurnett, RDN, LD

“I met my husband while we were both stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. We both love the water and bumped into each other on the beach! We exchanged laughs and realized we both lived in the same neighborhood and we were both in the US Navy. Although I decided to move on from the Navy (into Dietetics!) and he has kept moving forward, we both still have a passion for serving our country and community. We have two young daughters and love going on adventures and sharing with them that kindness and giving back is what life is all about.”

Photo: Stephanie shares how HCSG has supported her family’s military journey.

Paul Kearschner IV

HCSG District Manager Paul Kearschner IV served in the US Marine Corps for 15 years. With his experience, he recommends veterans transitioning into civilian life should look into education as an option or a company that has advancement opportunities.

Photo: Paul shares how his military values translate to his role at HCSG.

Jessica LeClair

With nearly 20 years of service, Jessica lists the values she gained in the military that impact how she serves HCSG client, resident, and employee communities. “Personal discipline, integrity, and a willingness to get the job done, even in stressful situations help me to succeed in role at HCSG.”

Photo: Jessica shares her wisdom for veterans transitioning to civilian life.

Sgt. Thomas Jones

With a military career spanning three decades, retired First Sergeant and HCSG District Manager, Thomas Jones, has been stationed in Germany, Italy, and South Korea. To help veterans transition to civilian life, he recommends finding a company that supports veterans. “This company is a great place for ex-military members.”

Photo: Thomas shares how his military values translate to his role at HCSG.

Rosalinda Amet

Rosalinda Amet’s fiancé was part of the 82nd Airborne in the US Army for 15 years. When asked how his service impacted her career, she responded, “Without our Veterans and Active Military we definitely would not have as many opportunities as we do. His time in the service helps me realize how lucky I’m to be able to choose my own career and strengthens me to fight for my success in capturing the American Dream.”

Rosalinda is an Account Manager in Houston, Texas, and has worked with HCSG since 2021.

Sgt. Leonard Alvis Turner

In the Army Reserves for 16 years, Sgt. Leonard Alvis Turner understands balancing civilian and service life. In explaining how the values he gained during his time in the military have impacted his role at HCSG, he said, “Military as a whole is customer service. I learned to treat everyone with respect just the way I would like to be treated. Their concerns are a priority for me.” He continued, “HCSG has been understanding and flexible with the last-minute military schedule changes.”

Photo: Leonard shares his advice on how military members can successfully transition to a career at HCSG.

Jessica Cline

Five years in the Army has taught Jessica Cline time management and leadership skills that she now incorporates into her role at HCSG as an Account Manager. When asked for advice for veterans transitioning to civilian life, she said, “Find what works for you and never stop trying to achieve your goals.

Jessica is an Account Manager in Texas and has worked with HCSG since 2020.

Master Sgt. Kevin J. McLaughlin

Master Sergeant Kevin McLaughlin retired from the United States Air Force after 24 years (‘81-’05) of service that included nine deployments and nine moves.

Photo: Kevin shares how the management style he learned in the USAF was valuable, but needed personalization for his role at HCSG.

Renita Smith

After 10 years in the Army Reserves, Renita shares her advice for transitioning military personnel, “Find Balance – incorporate skills learned in the service to your new life and always present yourself professionally and well mannered.

Photo: Renita shares how the values she learned in the Army Reserves have impacted how she serves the client and resident communities at HCSG.

Rich Kilchrist RDN, LD

With six years of service in the United States Army, HCSG Registered Dietitian, Rich Kilchrist, shares how the values he gained in the Army have impacted how he services the HCSG client, residents, and employee communities. “Discipline, dedication, detail, and a desire to complete missions are important values I learned very early in the military. These values have been greatly helpful in all aspects of life.”

Rich is a Registered Dietitian in Texas and has worked with HCSG since 2017.

Thank you to all of the active-duty, veteran, and military spouses who shared their wisdom during Military Appreciation Month. We are grateful for the knowledge and advice shared for all military members who are looking to take their next step. To learn more about how Healthcare Services Group champions our veterans, active-duty service members, and military spouses, visit