With over 25 years of experience serving healthcare communities, Healthcare Services Group (HCSG) recognizes the profound impact nutrition can have on the journey to healing and recovery. Our dining and nutrition services are rooted in the belief that nourishing the body with wholesome, balanced meals is essential for supporting overall wellness among individuals undergoing treatment in recovery communities. Our philosophy revolves around three principles: People. Serving. Experience.


We understand the challenges individuals may encounter during recovery. Our dining and nutrition staff is compassionate, and our primary goal is to create a dining environment that fosters healing and growth. We aim to make each client feel supported in every exchange with our team as they navigate their journey to sobriety.


Our culinary team prioritizes using fresh, whole ingredients to craft meals that are nutritious and delicious. Working closely with our in-house nutritionists and nursing care at the recovery communities, we design menus rich in essential nutrients and tailored to accommodate various dietary needs and preferences.


In recovery, food is more than just sustenance. It becomes a source of physical nourishment and a catalyst for emotional healing, fostering connections and restoring a sense of comfort and security on the path to wellness. Gathering around a table to enjoy a nourishing meal can provide a sense of stability, warmth, and belonging.

Voices Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Business sits down with Jesse Glanden, Director of Business Development, Healthcare Services Group, to discuss food and nutrition’s pivotal role in mental health and addiction recovery and how an experienced dining services partner can help leaders elevate their client experience.

Nutrition for Recovery & Outpatient Care

HCSG believes in the importance of sound nutrition. We collaborate closely with community health leaders to develop menus that align with their client’s unique dietary needs and preferences. Our experienced dining team then meticulously prepares every meal, focusing on nutritional value and culinary excellence.

As one of the largest employers of Registered Dietitians, we can offer educational resources and workshops to empower clients to make informed choices about their diet and develop healthy eating habits at recovery and outpatient centers.

Partner with HCSG

With over 25 years of experience serving healthcare communities, we understand the nuanced needs for providing care to all types of individuals and are committed to delivering exceptional service. Our dining team adheres to the highest standards of food safety and hygiene, using only the best ingredients to ensure the quality and integrity of our meals. Our dedication to providing compassionate care and support to individuals on their recovery journey fosters an environment of healing and empowerment. Contact us today and explore a partnership with HCSG to promote wellness and healing through nourishment.