Comprehensive Approach Provides Unparalleled Service

Healthcare Services Group has one of the most comprehensive environmental services programs in the industry today. From facility-specific systems and procedures to extensive training and quality assurance initiatives to the use of the latest technologies and products, our IntelliClean – Environmental Prevention & Control Systems provide you with an integrated support program that results in unparalleled service and performance.

Included as part of our comprehensive approach are:
Systems, Policies and Procedures

Built on a foundation of over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, our environmental systems and procedures have an outstanding record of performance. Still, we continually evaluate and enhance our processes and policies to ensure optimal performance in your facility. This includes:

  • Facility-specific procedures developed in partnership with 3M Company (3MTM SMART Training Resources) and based upon OSHA’s Right to Know Hazard Communication and Bloodborne Pathogen Standards as well as industry best practices.
  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance Programs

Training is critical to the successful management of your environmental services program, and because of its importance, Healthcare Services Group employs one of the most extensive training programs in the healthcare market. In addition to the ongoing monitoring, testing and training of employees, we utilize a network of Regional Training Managers to conduct enhanced skills training to ensure optimal team performance. In addition, we employ a Manager In-Training Program to develop well-rounded managers who learn to achieve that all-important balance between technical expertise and performance satisfaction with financial responsibility.

Industry Partnerships

Because of our national presence, Healthcare Services Group is able to leverage a variety of industry partnerships to benefit your facility. In addition to participating in and supporting various National, State and Local associations, we leverage our close working relationships with companies like Rubbermaid™ and 3M™ to bring you the latest in product and technology innovations.