HCSG Proven Methods

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From its start in 1976, Healthcare Services Group (HCSG) has offered solutions that have been rooted in proven methods to provide clients with peace of mind. Environmental Services have been the foundation of our services, which has allowed us to master our techniques for exceptional service. As we expanded to offer Dining and Nutrition Services, our focus on a systematic approach continued to strengthen as we aimed to deliver an elevated resident dining experience. Discover how a more detailed process and the specific methods used to be a successful facility partner for more than 3,500 healthcare communities.

Environmental Services

Our foundation begins with our Environmental Services. For more than 45 years, HCSG has been at the forefront of ancillary healthcare services, providing Infection Prevention and Control initiatives to thousands of communities across the country.

  • Infection Prevention & Control: With guidance from our in-house Infection Preventionist, HCSG utilizes up-to-date technology and proven methods to keep communities safe.
  • Quality Assurance Practices: HCSG provides a strict adherence to industry standards in addition to complying with all local, state, and federal requirements.
  • Comprehensive Hands-on Training: We offer a detailed approach to training employees at every level with required monthly education courses to keep all HCSG employees up-to-date on all industry guidelines, procedures, and products.
  • Management Support Structure: Designed to focus on satisfaction, our multi-level management support structure provide facility leaders with day-to-day communication and reporting to meet customer needs.

Dining Services

HCSG understands that meals are the highlight of a resident’s day. Ensuring that the needs of guests are met and enhancing their dining experience is at the forefront of everything HCSG does. We actively solicit feedback for improvement and recognize individual dietary needs and tastes to deliver the highest quality every day, every meal.

  • Food First Philosophy: Focused on sourcing quality ingredients, HCSG’s accessibility to quality national and regional brands is made possible through our decades of strong relationships with dining partners.
  • Menu & Recipe Development: We craft menus sound in nutrition while integrating seasonal and regional flavors.
  • Enhanced Dining Experience: Serving over 150 million meals annually, HCSG incorporates service, menu, and quality to provide a memorable dining experience.
  • Culinary Excellence: Operating throughout the entire continental US, HCSG provides access to a national network of culinary experts for hands-on training.

Registered Dietitian Services

Just as important as culinary output is careful attention to all aspects of nutrition. Our experienced and expertly trained Registered Dietitians work in close collaboration with facility leaders to deliver people-centered nutritional care. HCSGs clinical professionals are directly supported by field-based senior leadership and connected to the nation’s largest network of Registered Dietitians.

  • Support for Optimal Outcomes: HCSG delivers optimal nutritional and regulatory outcomes in a manner that fosters ongoing resident satisfaction.
  • Largest Network of Registered Dietitians: With over 45,000 employees, HCSG has the nation’s largest network of Registered Dietitians in the healthcare industry.
  • Collaboration: Registered Dietitians and the Dining Services teamwork in tandem to offer balanced, nutritional meals, that are both delicious and meet a resident’s dietary needs.
  • Food for Healthful Living: Registered Dietitians provide additional tools on how to use nutrition services to help heal residents and promote longevity.

With more than 45 years of experience, HCSG has mastered proven methodologies to provide optimal service for our trusted community partners. If you’re interested in learning more about our services and how we can deliver improved operational, regulatory, and financial outcomes for your community, complete the form below or visit hcsgcorp.com/contact-us.