Thank You for 20+ Years

Thank you to our dedicated team members who are celebrating more than 20 years with Healthcare Services Group.

To celebrate these team members, we have compiled a timeline of their stories throughout the years with the company.

December 1990

Kathy Smith
Accounts Payable Administrator

Kathy joined the team 32 years ago in the Accounts Payable department, where she continues to work. Kathy found her way to HCSG in an unconventional way following being laid off from Sears after 13 years. “My father used to clean HCSG’s office when it was on Huntingdon Pike and said I should apply,” explained Kathy. Like many, some of Kathy’s favorite memories were of Christmas celebrations. “We could relax, talk, and laugh with each other. I’ve enjoyed working with many people and formed quite a few friendships.” With over three decades of service, Kathy had these words to share for new team members – “Be friendly, accepting, and hard working. Get all the knowledge you can and enjoy your work.”

Thank you, Kathy, for your continued contribution to the Accounts Payable department, your friendly demeanor, and for sharing your love of Edgar Allen Poe.

July 1991

Jim O’Toole
Financial Services Manager

Sold on a promise in 1991 from Bryan McCartney that if you work hard, you can create a future at HCSG, Jim O’Toole leaped for the opportunity to work with his brother’s college football teammate. Starting in the Housekeeping and Laundry Department, Jim worked his way up through roles such as a Manager Trainee, Account Manager, District Manager, Regional Manager, Regional VP, Divisional VP, then Senior Divisional VP before moving to the Financial Services team in 2015 where he serves as Financial Services Manager today. Looking back on his favorite memories throughout the last 30+ years, he exclaimed, “Definitely our people – working closely with the team and watching as they grew and progressed throughout the years.” In his spare time, Jim enjoys cooking, adding, “I am not an expert yet, but I’m still progressing.”

Thank you, Jim, for your dedication and support!

September 1993

Anthony D’Amico
Financial Services Manager

Anthony joined the operations team at HCSG in 1993, working in Trenton, NJ. After about a year, he moved to the infamous office in Huntingdon Valley, PA, where he fondly recalls the building’s former purpose as a bank, noting Dan McCartney even worked out of the former bank’s vault. Today, Anthony serves as the Today, Anthony serves as the Financial Services Manager. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his two Labradors.

Thank you, Anthony, for your dedication over the last 29 years at HCSG. We can’t wait to celebrate 30!

November 1993

Michael Harrity
Director of Accounting

Michael Harrity started with HCSG in 1993 in the Finance Department. Through his nearly 30 years with HCSG, he has held many roles, including Internal Auditor (where he established the audit function), Internal Reporter, Corporate Purchasing, and Risk Management Accounting, to name a few. Looking back at his time, Mike recalls the different people he’s had the pleasure of working with and still looks back on all of the Christmas parties. When asked about advice for longevity for newer team members, he said, “A lot of it has to do with the relationships you develop with your co-workers. It’s a team mentality.” Michael now serves as Director of Accounting. In his personal life, he enjoys riding bikes and running.

Thank you, Mike, for your hard work and dedication to HCSG’s success!

November 1994

Fran McKnight
Accounts Payable Asst. Supervisor

Fran McKnight’s start with HCSG dates back to 1994 when the office was located in Huntingdon Valley, “The office was located inside of an old bank, complete with a huge safe in the middle of the building that was someone’s office,” said Fran. “Back then, we were pretty packed in that small office.” She continued, “No one could believe there were 25 people including desks and computers in that building, and when we moved to the Bensalem office we now occupy, we felt like the Jeffersons moving on up to the east side.” 

From the start, Fran has always been an Accounts Payable team member. “I started as the Accounts Payable Clerk and have remained in the Department for 28 years.” She now serves as the Accounts Payable Assistant Supervisor. When reflecting on nearly three decades with HCSG, Fran has appreciated the people the most. “Though some may have come and gone, the people I have come to know and work with along the way are those that I won’t soon forget.”

Fran, thanks for your commitment, humor, and leadership.

May 1995

Steve Newns
VP of Business Development

Steve joined HCSG in 1995 as a Housekeeping Manager in Training (MIT) after knowing a few employees. He worked in housekeeping services for a few years, then dining services for a decade, before becoming Division Vice President overseeing both service lines. In recent years, Steve has worked in the Department of Revenue. Throughout his roles, he shared that some of his favorite memories were the District and Regional meetings. “Getting together with colleagues and building strong relationships at those meetings was always valuable.” When asked about advice for new HCSG team members, Steve said, “Run your business like it’s your own and surround yourself with great people.” Outside of work, Steve’s passion is on the green. “My hobby is golfing – someday, I may even get good at it.”

Thank you, Steve, for your leadership and ability to bring teams together.

February 1996

Mike Irrizarry
Director of Operational Excellence

Mike Irrizarry started with HCSG in 1996 through the Manager in Training Program (MIT) and became an Account Manager in April of that year. The following year, Mike accepted a role as a District Manager and stayed in that role until 2008, when he transitioned to a Regional position. In 2018, Mike took on the Director of Operational Excellence, a role that he still holds today. Looking back on the 26 years with HCSG, Mike has many great memories, sharing, “One that stands out was when I was able to take an employee under my wing that came to this country without the ability to speak English. He worked extremely hard to learn and eventually moved from a Porter to an MIT, to an Account Manager, to a District Manager. The day he was able to buy a house, he brought me there in appreciation of HCSG. That was amazing.” As for new team members’ advice, Mike suggests being a leader. “Treat your clients and team how you want to be treated. Be honest and over-communicate. Lead by example and outwork the competition. Build a team around you – always try to hire people more talented than yourself. Have fun – nothing wrong with that if the job is getting done.”

Outside of HCSG, Mike is an avid sports memorabilia collector. “I have items signed by Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Namath, etc. My prized possession, however, is my Sopranos poster signed by the entire cast!”

Thank you, Mike, for your leadership, guidance, and team spirit through the years at HCSG.

May 1998

Photo of Joe Proll

Joe Proll
Director of Taxes

Serving as a team of one, Joe Proll is by far the best member in our Tax Department at HCSG! 😉  He started with the company in 1998 when there were only 300 facilities in our portfolio. “Over time, as the company grew and retirements occurred, the Tax Department had a few transformations with personnel and structure. Today, I am the lone in-house member as the Director of Taxes, working with several tax consulting firms to handle all of the various corporate taxes.” Like many, Joe looks back fondly at the holiday parties, especially those at PARX Casino. But one particular memory stands out to Joe through the years. “On my first day, I could not get to the office in Huntingdon Valley because a tornado had touched down in Lower Moreland the night before, and the whole area was closed off,” said Joe. Outside of work, Joe joked that his main hobby is shuttling three boys between their sports and activities, but he still makes time to play sports, have a craft beer or two, and spend time at the shore with his family.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication throughout the years, Joe!

March 1999

Beth Milsop
Vice President of Payroll Systems

Beth has been such a significant part of our company, we couldn’t imagine our office without her! Thank you, Beth!

July 2000

Bob Guild
Senior Benefits Administrator

Bob came to HCSG in 2000 after almost two decades with Chevron Oil as a Payroll/Benefits Supervisor. Allured by a two-mile commute, Bob accepted a position with HCSG as a Senior Benefits Administrator. “HCSG was an environment where I feel valued and supported has allowed me to flourish and devote time to my kids,” Bob said of his time at HCSG. Adding, “I’ve held the same position for 22 years. I love helping others obtain benefits. Feeling like a part of ‘The Family’ under the guidance of Dan McCartney and knowing that ALL the HCSG founders laid the groundwork to allow me and others to enjoy the journey of HCSG successes too.”

Thank you, Bob, for over twenty years of offering support and guidance in understanding corporate benefits and making the grueling commute from Bensalem to the office for more than twenty years! 😉

October 2000

Dianne Frye
Human Resources Office Administrator

Possibly one of the most recognized faces in the Bensalem office, Dianne Frye, has welcomed all as the Receptionist. Starting in 2000 in the Benefits Department, Dianne remembers a time before computer storage, recalling, “we had file cabinets everywhere.” Though her role was officially in the Benefits Department for several years before moving to Payroll, Dianne provided support to reception as a backup as early as two weeks into her initial role, assisting Executives with administrative duties until moving to the reception department full-time. Always full of positivity, Dianne’s advice for new team members is to be open to all that HCSG offers. “I have so many wonderful memories with so many people,” said Dianne when reflecting on the last twenty years with HCSG. In June, Dianne transitioned into a new role with the company and now serves as the HR Office Administrator. Outside of work, Dianne has a passion for Disney and enjoys attending car shows.

Thank you, Dianne, for all your hard work at HCSG over the past 20+ years, and congratulations on your new role!

January 2001

Marie Weinert
Accounts Payable Administrator

Marie Weinert has worked in Accounting since starting with the company in 2001. Starting in Accounts Payable, she has worked with many vendors and employees, solving their different functions. From handling office supplies for facilities to various invoices, her favorite memories at HCSG come from interacting with so many different people. For newer team members, Marie advises welcoming new challenges. She is now the Accounts Payable Administrator, and outside of her role, she enjoys college football games.

Thank you, Marie, for your friendship and ability to succeed at HCSG.

October 2001

Michelle Colter
Computer Programmer/Analyst

Starting as a Consultant for the company in 1997, Michelle officially joined the HCSG team in 2001 as a Computer Programmer/Analyst. With more than twenty years at the company, Michelle has many great memories. Some of her favorites occurred at the Christmas parties. She explained, “The Christmas parties at the Bellevue Hotel were always a fun-filled evening with good food, good music, fun games, and great people. I loved getting dressed in my fancy rags and seeing everyone else dressed up.” Humorously added, “another favorite memory was the Christmas Toast. Dan would pour everyone a shot of Irish Mist in a dixie cup and give a great toast for the upcoming new year. I always pretended to drink it, but that was some horrible stuff.” Outside of HCSG, Michelle has endured a lot, beating breast cancer twice. But she hasn’t let her setbacks impact her life or keep her off her feet. “I love to dance. I used to teach Cha-Cha, Bop, and Line Dance.” But she also puts her vocal cords to work, adding, “I love to do karaoke, even though I can’t carry a note. I think I sound good and love being the life of the party!”

Michelle, thank you for your commitment and lovely spirit.

October 2001

Jennifer Bell
Computer Programmer/Analyst

In 2001, when Jennifer Bell’s boss decided to retire from the consulting company they both worked at, he knew he wanted to secure her position before leaving. So he reached out to one of the company’s clients, Healthcare Services Group, to bring her on as a full-time Computer Programmer/Analyst. Since then, Jennifer’s team at HCSG has evolved with technology and continued to grow. Like many, she sees her colleagues here like a family, saying, “You can count on everyone to be a team player.” It was with that team that she recalls some of her favorite memories through the last twenty years, including the large Christmas parties. Outside work, Jennifer leads an active lifestyle of hiking, walking, and spending time with family and friends. In addition to those activities, she volunteers for the Special Olympics of Pennsylvania, where her oldest son is an athlete in track and field and long-distance running.

Thank you, Jennifer, for your commitment through the decades.

October 2001

Photo of Tara Klose

Tara Klose
Accounts Payable Manager

Tara started with HCSG in 2001 as a temporary Receptionist. After a couple of months, she transitioned into a full-time role in Accounts Payable, serving as the Accounts Payable Manager today. Tara enjoys spending time with her son and dogs in her free time. When asked about advice for new HCSG team members, she said, “Be a team player and always learn something new to advance your career.”

Thank you, Tara, for your leadership of Accounts Payable and commitment to the HCSG team!

January 2002

Rich Hudson
IT Help Desk Support

Rich, we sincerely appreciate your hard work and efforts over the years.  Thank you for 20 wonderful years of service!

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who hit a milestone anniversary in 2022 including:

Jim Keeley – joined February 1976, celebrated 45 years March 2022 
John Connell – joined April 1997, celebrated 25 years April 2022 
Jason Osbeck – joined June 1997, celebrated 25 years May 2022 
Don Riebel – joined October 1987, celebrating 35 years October 2022 
Mark Daley – joined January 1993, celebrating 30 years January 2023